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The Just Justifier: Part 1 (Romans 3:21-26)

September 19, 2021 Speaker: Josh Hayward Series: The Book of Romans

Topic: Gospel, Salvation, God's Justice Passage: Romans 3:21–3:26

God provided a way for sinners to be justified while he remains just.

Element #1:  God's righteousness is GIVEN (vv21-22a)

Element #2:  God's righteousness is given through FAITH (v22b)

Element #3:  The object of our faith is JESUS (v22c)

Element #4:  Justification is a GIFT (vv22d-24a)

Element #5:  Justification is accomplished through REDEMPTION (v24b)

Element #6:  Redemption is accomplished through PROPITIATION (v25a)