Objections to Christianity (Romans 3:1-8)

September 5, 2021 Speaker: Josh Hayward Series: The Book of Romans

Topic: God's Justice, Christian Identity , Truth Passage: Romans 3:1–8

Objection #1: "Since being Jewish does not exempt us of God's judgment, then there's no advantage to being a Jew!"  (vv1-2)

Objection #2: "Since so many Jews are unfaithful, then God is unfaithful!"  (vv3-4)

Objection #3: "Since our unrighteousness shows off God's righteousness, then God is unrighteous to judge us!"  (vv5-6)

Objection #4: "Since God's glory is shown through sin, then we should intentionally sin!"  (vv7-8)