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When Fighting Sin Doesn't Feel Worth It (Malachi 3:13-18)

March 7, 2021 Speaker: Josh Hayward Series: The Book of Malachi

Topic: God's Faithfulness, Sin, Obedience Passage: Malachi 3:13–3:18

The fight against sin is a fight to believe the truth.

1) Questioning whether the fight is worth it.

  • Lie #1: "I know what's best for me better than God knows." (v13)
  • Lie #2: "I need what God can GIVE me more than I need God himself." (v14)
  • Lie #3: "Disobedience is more advantageous to me than obedience." (v15)

2) Why the fight is worth it.

  • Truth #1: God sees those who fear him. (v16a-b)
  • Truth #2: God remembers those who fear him. (v16c)
  • Truth #3: God treasures those who fear him. (v17a)
  • Truth #4: God spares those who fear him. (v17b)
  • Truth #5: God will show the difference between those who fear him and those who                 don't. (v18)