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Let None of You Be Faithless to the Wife of Your Youth: Part 1

January 31, 2021 Speaker: Josh Hayward Series: The Book of Malachi

Topic: Marriage Passage: Malachi 2:13–2:16

God takes marital faithfulness very seriously.

1. Marital faithfulness is first and foremost a reflection of your worship of God.       (vv13-14b)

2. Marital faithfulness upholds God's design for marriage. (vv14c-15b)

  • Marriage is companionship. (v 14c)
  • Marriage is a covenant. (v14d)
  • Marriage is a one-flesh union. (v15a)
  • Marriage is meant to produce godly offspring. (v15b)

3. Marital faithfulness reflects the godly desires of the heart. (v15c, 16b)

4. Marital faithfulness pleases God. (v16a)