At Kinney, we believe it is vital for men to disciple one another in order to help each other follow Christ more faithfully. Our Men's Ministry is an organic ministry where we encourage men to meet regularly for bible study and prayer, and to be intentional in their friendships with one another.

Occasionally, we will have special gatherings for men (bonfires, cookouts, breakfasts, etc.) for the purpose of providing opportunities for intentional discipleship to occur. 


The Men’s Ministry of KACF exists to encourage and equip the men of KACF to exemplify the qualities of biblical manhood in daily living.

  • Encourage and Equip: Our goal is not merely to encourage men to be the men of God he’s calling us to be, but to help equip the men of the church to exemplify biblical manhood.
  • Men of KACF: Our primary focus in the men’s ministry will be upon men who’ve committed themselves to this local body of believers. We want there to be a strong culture of discipleship amongst the men of this church.
  • Exemplify the Qualities of Biblical Manhood: God has called men to feel “a sense of benevolent responsibility to lead, provide for and protect women in ways appropriate to a man’s differing relationships” (Piper, Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, 35). The Men’s Ministry of KACF will seek to encourage and equip men to live out such responsibilities.
  • In Daily Living: We desire that the men of KACF live out the qualities of biblical manhood, not just on Sundays or only in certain areas or roles in life, but in everyday life and in all areas of life. The qualities and characteristics of biblical manhood must be engrained into the hearts of every man at KACF.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

  • Organically: We want to cultivate a culture of discipleship among the men of KACF whereby it becomes a normal part of our relationships to be intentional to speak the truth in love to one another, so that we can help each other better follow Jesus in the various roles and stages of life we’re in.
    • One-to-one discipleship: praying, reading scripture, accountability
    • Intentional friendships
    • Organic service
  • Formally: Organized opportunities where the men can be equipped and edified to be men of God.
    • Fellowship meals: men’s breakfast, cookouts, bonfires
    • Training Seminars/Talks on biblical manhood
    • Work days

Men’s Ministry Core Values

  • Biblical Conviction: We will not waver from what God calls us to as men in Scripture, and will, by his grace, live lives that demonstrate the qualities of a godly man.
  • Servant Leadership: We will serve the church, our families, and each other by leading out and taking initiative as need may require.
  • Gospel Friendships: We will be intentional in loving each other by pointing one another to Christ. We will be genuine and authentic with one another, helping each other through various life struggles.